And Here We Are Heading Into July (Corona Summer)

Just a follow-up, Jiu-jitsu is still off, and even when we restart, tentatively in a few weeks, we’ll be keeping keeping just our core group on the mat for a while. New people will be accepted, later, after we get some results on these ridiculously climbing numbers.

Two weeks, people, we needed two weeks (the disease cycle’s time, 14 days) to keep six feet apart and kill this problem like it’s been done in many other places. If we could just freeze everyone for 14 days, 97% or so percent of the folks will get over it and be fine. But, they’ll get it again, and again, if we don’t maintain the lockdown for two solid weeks.

Here we are working on month number four. Our daily new cases are right back where they were and we’ve wasted our bank accounts trying to keep up. Why? Because Americans are stubborn, resistant and crazy people! We’re up against a population of self-indulgent, incredibly self-righteous loons lacking in any kind of humility. How dare we try to save their stinking lives and get America back to work!

It’s OK, we’re going to get through this, with idiots too. Conspiracy theories aside, reality has a way of imposing itself – yes this could have been easy but nothing is when you’re dealing with people.

Patience and endurance are the qualities we must cultivate. Say it with me, Patience, Toughness. Forget the anxiety. Let go of the stress. Cultivate your patience and your toughness and you’ll get through everything.

One day this too shall pass as all things do.

stay cool!

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