Human Corona Virus Tour 2020

Listen Up Me Beauties!

Sorry about all this, but you know, pandemics are a pain in the ass, and we kinda gotta help the medical people not get too overwhelmed with our whining snotty asses. Chances are good about 70% of us will catch this disease in some form or another (some of us seem to be much more resilient), the idea is to get it later when they’ve got some good treatment.

As you know we’ve been off Jiu-jitsu for going on our third (really two, but by the calendar 3) month now. Three months! Since I was 14 I’ve not taken off more than two weeks for anything, not even my honeymoon in Britain [I located Prof. Maurcio Gomes (pop of Roger G.) and got to work with him and his great students in a Picadilly Circus gym!] so I know what it means in terms of eager desire to workout to have to wait, and wait.
I am writing this to address a couple of things that I see too many people getting sucked into:

  1. Lysol does not contain corona virus. These SARS causing “corona viruses” are a group of viruses that appear to have a little halo around them. These are site activating lipids (fats) that allow them to locate their host cells (in microbiology they talk about lock and key arrangements a lot). Lysol will destroy these kinds of viruses. Try not to get excited when you see it listed on the can.
  2. When experts say they “don’t know” something (Doctors, epidemiologists, etc.) that’s because IT’S NOT KNOWN. This does not mean it’s time to create a religion. It does not mean we flounder about until we find someone (your cousin with the REAL knowledge that somehow isn’t available to anyone else!) WILLING to say THEY DO KNOW and accept what they have to say. IT MEANS the information we want, to ease our frightened little souls, isn’t yet available. The two biggest differences I’ve noticed between lay people and the highly educated is A. an understanding of statistics, and B. a comfort with lack of knowledge. We don’t fill in the hole with outlandish speculation.
    Until we know, please follow instructions and try not be flaming idiots.
  3. 5G is a large wavelength that is less harmful by far than sunlight. It’s a 1mm long (quite large) wavelength which means it bounces off buildings and trees and while it can carry a nice amount of information it doesn’t go very far, and so, companies rolling out this fifth generation signal capability have to plant a lot more poles and set up a lot more repeaters so that we can still send one another asinine messages while driving, and the sexts pics can resolve faster! It has Naught to do with illness or conspiracy. If you fear electromagnetic radiation I expect you to divest yourself of all electric devices (including your toaster and your phone of course) and stay well out of the sun. Could be you’ll live a longer and healthier life, but it’ll be hard to attribute it to radio waves.
  4. Avoid sensational and emotionally charged information. Usually this kind of information is loosely based on facts, or not at all! Many times a report will say something like, “It looks like people who have supplemented their diets with Vitamin D MAY experience somewhat faster recovery.” This should not be translated as Vitamin D will save you from the Coronas! Or them Coronas hate Sunlight! etc.

I love my jiujitsu people. We’re a varied bunch. Many backgrounds, many experiences . . . don’t let this temporary setback cause you undue lapses in taking care of your health and mental fitness. Again, I am recommending folks treat themselves to some online Chess, a few Kurosawa samurai epics (I highly recommend Seven Samurai and Yojimbo) and finally read a book or two. It’s time you cracked Crime and Punishment or Anna Karenina (I favor the classic Russians). We will be back to our regularly scheduled chokes soon!

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