Pho! It’s magical Vietnamese soup that fixes upset tummies and clears your sinuses when you have a cold. Plus it’s just delicious.

Pho sure pho

Right Next to Tokyo House (one of our faves) a NEW EATERY opened up called PHO-SURE!  And sure enough the P1 = beefsteak pho is a terrific treat. It runs about 11 bucks and comes with the Thai basil, lime, chilies and small pile of bean sprouts (though today they were out of the sprouts!). You dump all the extras in and if you’re a sauce person, they have that on the side.

Look into that bowl, I mean really gaze into it. You can see the magic sparkling in there. Curative properties, ancient secrets of the old world. It is the finest clear broth soup ever devised, and if you’re not a beef person (???) they also do chicken or pork or just vegetarian. They have some other treats on the menu as well, but frankly this is where the magic is. PHO! I know lots of people will tell you to say “phuh” but I heard a bonafide Vietnamese lady call it PHO with the long ‘O’ so I’m not worrying about it.  After all where I come from chowder is “chowdah” and batteries are “bat trees” so . . . we’ll live pronunciation cops, we’ll deal.