Trying to Survive the Coronas

Holy cow empty mat syndrome. OK I had thought I could stubbornly maintain a handful of die-hard well scrubbed introverts, but, here we are March 23 and I’m down to zero. It’s a little scary. While we would likely survive the stinker, we have too many friends who are at risk! And so, in times like this the smart thing to do is stay home.

empty mat syndrome

OK, so with luck, in a few weeks or less, we’ll be able to resume our regularly scheduled activities, once we find out we’re not 1. in the same boat with Northern Italy and 2. unlikely to infect lots of at risk folks.

In the meantime, heal up your joints, do some cardio and stretches and VISUALIZE your techniques. I did many hours of such when I was meant to be doing other things. I also, drew many goofy flow charts that I now hear actually sell for money when you’ve got a big marketed name. Fun stuff, I highly recommend that you draw your own rather than buying such things. It’s super easy. You start with a guard, draw a line to a sweep, to an armbar, to a choke, then deal with the new position. SEE YOU SOON, MY FRIENDS!

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