TRAIN! Be Your Own Superhero!

Stop admiring the accomplishments of others! Live your life! Sports fandom is an empty occupation. Being an observer is not a skill! Too much watching is a disease, it’ll eventually kill you.

Perhaps I’m being hyperbolic, but it’s important to point out, especially in our age of immediate entertainment at our fingertips, that falling into a comfortable seat and watching other people achieve goals, develop skills, and have FUN (achieving enlightenment!) will not produce these results in your development.

It’s more valuable to your psychological (many scientific studies are linking mental health to exercise) and physiological state to do a half hour of your own reps of any technique, than it is to spend even a 1000 hours on youtube. No amount of watching anything equals any training of your own!

How does one become good at something? Wishing watching and daydreaming are not the method! And this is true of anything you want to be good at. You have to practice it! Be it music, languages, visual arts, or anything else human beings have accomplished-only practice develops skills.

I will admit I’ve watched many hours of sports fights before I became enlightened. Now all that matters to me is maintenance of my own skills and helping you develop yours. My students and my friends benefit from my devotion and integrity. You have to be selfish about your practice–make the thing yours!

Get off the internet and onto the mat! Hope to see you soon!

Jen getting some instruction from Guy Pendergrass

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