The Time Is Now, You’ll Wish You’d Started Sooner!

It’s the most common complaint I hear! If only I’d started sooner! I’d trade a decade of the *insert previous art* for another year of this! BJJ is an addiction and a practicable skill. Applied Yoga! And I am all about your improvement.

Don’t mess around in schools that are about a hero worship. If your instructor is posting nonstop pictures of themselves on their pages or on one of those “grams” so popular today-avoid! Narcissists can’t help you! You are not important to them in any way but as a disciple to fan their egos with! Beware!

In our classes you come first, I’m there to help guide your skill and excitement with the effort. That’s my job! And my students understand this method of improving everyone. We are all there spilling the good information and thoughtful training partner methods down.

Private Lesson with Andrea and Will!

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