Life Goes By, When Are You Gonna Live It?

Watching, spectating, arguing about the players. Buying another round. What are you doing? The purpose of your existence is to get the most out of it. All the studies show that your mental and well as physical health are best aided and abetted by activity–doing! You don’t want to be looking over your years of sitting on a sofa, watching others accomplish goals. Fandom is a waste. That might be a bit of a heavy-handed statement, as I too have models I am a fan of, especially in arts I have not accomplished, but I’m talking about Jiu-jitsu here.

I don’t care who you are, or at what stage of your life you’re in, Babies, Middle Aged, Old Aged? There is always something you can do. If you’ve been interested in your physical fitness, or in building martial skills, or in having a combat sport to play in, the time has never been riper. There are more great people involved in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu now than there have ever been. And these people are about sharing, and doing good work with you! It can’t be done alone! So having great partners is always the answer.

Let’s grow old together you and I, on the mat. Let’s invest our time wisely while making our hearts pound and our lungs fill with that delicious air! You’ve never enjoyed a breath as much as you have once you’ve escaped a kesa gatame!

Why Jiu-jitsu as opposed to say, crossfit or running? Because it’s chess. It’s not just a bunch of exercises you’re counting the reps of, it’s a mental workout as well. The challenge is in spending the time, and creating the relaxed space in which you can absorb and drill. There is no better physical art, no dance, no marathon, no ironman contest is better. We play and we progress and learn, on the mat! So put down that beer (save it for later), turn off that TV (the shows can be watched anytime now!) and get your ass to class!

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