What it is that gives our lives value?

I contend friends that the main mien toward living authentically, is the actual doing of things that provide us with actual tangible skills and experiences.

Is it possible to find the arts online, at the touch of a button at the little boxes and pixellated imagery, the founts of endless entertainment going on for centuries from hilarious cats to racing cars, from hilarious porn to ripped off music to muddled advertisements all vying to convince you that you never need leave your chair in your cozy home to have any and all the experiences you desire? It is so. It is very much the case that you could lose yourself forever down the slippery slopes of the endless ant-lion pit, sucking you further and further down to the bottom where those gleaming falcate jaws wait to grab you and drain the rest of your spirit and resolve . . . you should be terrified! You’ve seen the sad husks that used to be people with potential! Potential now sapped, nothing left but the dead leaves of former dreams. Wake up!

All this to say- get off your ass and do something before it’s too late! Do you need a video or a meme to get this across? Do you require a cartoon or an animated talking paper clip or the insincere smile of a salesman? Do you require a podcast (whatever that is!) to instruct you to do the most natural thing your biological form knows how to do, to whit: get off your fat duff and begin living.

You won’t find me on Youtubes or Boobtubes. You won’t locate my love of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and my acumen for sharing it spread across the acres of Twitterdom. I don’t have a romantic star to play you in the movie of your life. You won’t be able, at the touch of your remote (ass wedged deeply in cushioning where you are safe from experiences), to locate my jiu-jitsu, or your skills!

You will find me on the mat. Where my friends are. Where your new possibilities lie. Where your skills improve, your laughs are greatest, your body and your mind meet and your truth is found.

Don’t watch heroes (super or otherwise), rise and train yourself to be one. A real life awaits you, guards, chokes, sweeps and armbars are not to be had cheaply. You must apply. You must arrive. You must breathe deeply the passion of effort and effort’s little brother exhaustion. Only then can you be proud because only then will you have accomplishment.

See you soon!! undefined

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