Don’t Give Up Your Top Position Cheaply!

OK daring BJJ enthusiasts, I know there are any number of exciting athletic moves out there that entertain and delight the onlooker. An old training partner friend used to joke–“Wow If you Pull that one off, the ladies will go home with you!” The problem is you just fought for a position, you shouldn’t be eager to throw it away to please a crowd. Stick to the basics people, the basics pay off. Keep pressure your on your opponent, don’t let them up for a second shot at passing your guard and smashing you. Take your time, use gravity and gravitas. And Please do not sit down from the guard. The guard is position to pass so that you can win the engagement. Sitting down not only gives your opponent to pass your guard, but also points for a sweep that wasn’t actually accomplished. Fighting for the foot finish from that position is about like jumping off your opponent’s back so that you can try to convince them to stand up and let you try a fancy Judo throw you’ve been working on.

We do try different things in practice, and I understand the reasoning behind keeping it playful with your friends-by all means, keep it fun and light (as opposed to focused solely on the trophies) but your game should reflect your actual fight plans, don’t build habits that will get you into unnecessary trouble.

I usually tell people to not throw anything away. Every move will have its time and place (Turn Turn Turn?), anyway try to stay away from the moves that require you put the power of a bull into them. These are usually suckers that are only effective when you can overpower your opponent. Being powerful is great, but it’s not jiu-jitsu, especially not when it’s merely a head squeeze with the thighs or a very poorly arranged choke across a jawline. Don’t power your moves let well set up moves do the work for you.

OK enough chit chat — Get back to work!

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