Poke Go located at Brennan Station next to the Sprint Store and Five Guys is a Hawaiian style fresh seafood salad place with a menu that includes some Korean favorites as well as chicken and ramen selections. Jen and I (pictured above) frequently get the Hawaiian Ahi bowl (also pictured above) which includes a fine selection of fresh raw tuna (protein!) on sushi rice with seaweed salad, flake seaweed, row, ginger, avocado and a tantalizingly spicy sauce.
They have many selections and even have vegetable noodles, and an option to create your own bowl out of their several fine choices of proteins and greens.

They have a selection of specialty soft drinks, teas and fruit juices, as well as the usual fountain access.

The atmosphere is very casual and without table service. Which is just fine for a quick lunch. They are the fastest lunch I know of that isn’t a 1000 calories of burger and fries!




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