Cloos is a Raleigh tradition. Serving the finest in hotdogs, burgers, pitas and fries you can’t go wrong with satisfying your craving at this  easy to reach Mission Valley standby. The service is friendly and sometimes very chatty about vintage music.

 The Coney special in the foreground is a sloppy delicious treat that includes chili and ground beef as well as mustard and onion. The bun just behind that is loaded up with the Chicago style sandwich which includes pickle, hot peppers, relish, tomato slices and mustard.  It is dreamy. The cheese fries are the best in the area.

This place can be a little difficult to get seated in during the dinner rush hours so plan ahead!

Also, while this food is often thought of as fast, don’t expect a takeout window. Cloos works with care to get these items right. So be prepared with a book, music, conversation and a bit of patience when they are busy !

Try them, they are fantastic. I’ve been using them for 14 years Or so.


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