Putting It Together

It might have seemed like another day at Geoff Balme’s BJJ class, but people were putting things together today, specifically, Gamal was putting it together. He was frustrating Eli keeping the knee shield in and executing good escapes. I was rolling with Jennifer trying my best not to get choked or arm barred by someone with half my weight and three times my skill. That’s about when we heard the crackling of cellophane coming off a belt. Jennifer paused (which was good because she was about to get mount on me) and said, “What?!”

Blue belt unwrapped to put on Gamal. Congratulations to Gamal! Well deserved!

We got back to work with Eli calling me over to roll. “Do you want a piece of this?” I asked sarcastically. He just waved me over and proceeded to take side control, get a choke, etc. Sarcasm is no defense.

We swapped guards and I had a bit better luck. I finally frustrated him enough (as he left me many an opening to learn) to feel like I’m not totally helpless when behind me, I heard, “Dan’s doing well. I might have to put some tape on that.”

“What?!” Another stripe for my white belt.

A great day of promotions for all, and coming off a fresh promotoion of Jennifer to purple belt at a seminar a few weeks ago.

Thanks to Geoff for teaching this class and making a great space where we can all learn!

Dan and Gamal getting some extra color on their waist today.
Dan and Gamal getting some extra color on their waist today.
Today’s group including Jennifer with her purple belt from the Roberto Maia seminar a few weeks ago.




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