More books for the Martial Minded

self defense for GIRLS and WOMEN
self defense for GIRLS and WOMEN


Hard to beat the snazzy 70s fashion.

Though the reality is not much has changed in the idea of “self-defense” as being a basic list of “surprise” stomps and jabs meant to be available to any untrained individual and meant to shock an attacker long enough for an escape. .

The essential truth however is that practice of these various moves is still a requirement that any bell-bottom wearing hippy still requires, despite the fact that “nutting” a male assailant may be effective.








In granny’s day the Dickensian attackers could be subdued with well-aimed shots to the snoot with the tip of a Victorian walking stick.


We unfortunately are left with the facts of our time in history, hard sweaty work required if you want to survive a more realistic self-defense encounter, and even then no promises.

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