2 thoughts on “Rolling Armbar From Backpack

  1. I clearly cut too much hair off the top of my head this last time. There’s this one piece up there that drives me insane. Jen gets the honor next time. The dead armadillo arms I have as I turn over are pretty darn funny. What do I do with my hands???
    Can we talk about keys to hitting this in a roll and/or transitions from here should the armlock get shut off? Would it, say, be possible for this to turn into a triangle?


    1. The quick answer to your triangle query is YES. I should point out that the ROLL is entirely unnecessary, it’s one of those things that happens often enough in the course of attack that the attacker should be comfortable dropping straight into the should roll. But the armbar could be taken belly down, or just off the shoulders. There may be a “disorienting” advantage in the roll, sometimes it’s hard for defenders to draw a bead on a particular target when they’re being rolled over!
      To achieve triangle a reposition of the trailing leg is needed, over the shoulder. It would not be Jen’s best option on YOU – but it is there.

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