El Rancherita


Located in the Peachtree market plaza across from our Tokyo House on Six Forks (a couple miles from our Stonehenge plaza workout space) is a fine little Mexican lunching location with a big facade and plenty of parking.

The piles of beans and rice are almost as big as Jen, and she probably could have used the burrito as a sleeping bag, though a sleeping bag with avocados! The house margaritas were refreshing and correct (sometimes you get those terrible mixes and they come across like  margarita flavored Kool-aid). Though they didn’t have Jen’s first choice of strawberry (their lucid guide to their margaritas was eyepopping – though none of us were up for the blue one!) There’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh lime juice after a great session practicing rolling armbars. Yes definitely the lime juice!

Dan got the classic choripollo (a meal to satisfy a spoiled tyrant (spoiled tyrant? Who could I be thinking about?), what with both sausage and chicken breast prepared to replenish necessary proteins to rebuild sore tissues), and I had some lovely carnitas tacos. The prices were very reasonable (hell it’s hard to get lunch for under 10 bucks these days, but El Rancherita has you covered with many choices close to 7-8 dollars). Thanks Dan for both suggestion and picking up the tab today — what a GREAT guy!

1-el-rancherita-2 1-el-rancherita-3

I was a little thrown by the blue corn tortillas (is azure a popular food color in Tex-Mex?) but in the end you can’t really tell once the delicious pulled-pork hits your tongue. I was looking around for some sort of spicy sauce to add as the tacos were a bit dry and not really salty enough for my sodium overload craving. Though that’s really the only complaint I can think of. El Rancherita also offers pozole rather than rice and beans but none of us ordered it, so we can’t speak on its particular merits.

All in all considering the political high-jinks we were bitching about (Kudos to the BBC for linking to every terrorist incident it reported on in the wake of President Trump’s allegations to the contrary) it was a YUGE and dulcifying experience.

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