Senior Training Officer MJ Macario ‘Mac’ Raleigh Police Department

I have taught self-defense and combatives for over 20 years. I have owned and operated my own schools. Always looking to add great material to the program, I actively searched for a jujitsu ‘professor’ – someone who was not only skilled on the mat but could teach others, regardless of past experience. I found Professor Geoff Balme!
I have hosted Geoff many times in the past to teach students from ages 4 to 64. Every time Geoff presents material, my students leave the seminar with new material to practice, new skills to integrate into their training and a new sense of excitement. Geoff can relate to anyone, old or young, having rolled or never rolled, experienced or novice. Geoff understands the nuances of technique and can break things down so everyone can perform. Geoff relates jujitsu skills to our self-protection combatives, enabling our students to use ground fighting techniques for real life, not just for sport.
Geoff assisted me in instructing active police officers in understanding how to prevail in an encounter on the ground. Geoff was able to relate tried and true jujitsu techniques to situations police officers might find themselves in. The officers who attended loved the material! We trained in boots and duty belts and everyone left with material that could be used the next time the officer was on duty. Geoff continues to be committed to those who work in public service and actively seeks to find ways to share his teaching with them.
As gifted and skilled as Geoff is, he continues to be humble. Geoff is always learning, developing his own game and teaching, so he can continue to pass on his message to others. As a law enforcement officer, police and civilian trainer, and novice grappler, Geoff is and will continue to be an important part of my training, whether I am preparing myself or others. Thank you, Professor!
Senior Training Officer MJ Macario ‘Mac’
Raleigh Police Department
Owner/Head Instructor – Self Defense for Everyone