Indian Buffet at Aarusuvai

This was my first visit to the Aarusuvai experience and I have to say pretty good. I was a little disappointed that the pakora was not a bit more extensive (I miss the deep fried veggies- the ones you see here were corn, but I like cauliflower and other varieties) but if you are a fan of butter chicken (and who isn’t?) the dish was rich and satisfying with nice chunks of white meat chicken. There were several versions of rice as well as a solid briyani that was done to perfection. The stand out however was a paneer and peppers dish you can see on my plate there at the 10:00 position, with massive chunks of paneer in a savory sauce.

I’m told Aarusuvai is looking for franchising opportunities but the food certainly did not seem McIndian to me. The gang have been looking for a good Indian buffet to hit that isn’t too distant from our workout – and this seems to be a hit.

The price was 10 and change and quite reasonable, it’d take me a week to cook all these dishes even if I was a decent cook.


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