Tokyo House


Tokyo House is a favorite lunch spot for the morning crew. After hours of sweating and people laying on me, I crave mountains of raw fish and this is one place that really delivers. I didn’t even have enough restraint to take a photo before I devoured about 80% of the dish. Jiu-jitsu is hungry business.

Tekka Don (all tuna sashimi) is what I can’t help getting every time, even the waiter knows my weakness by now. Occasionally, when I want a little origami carrot butterfly and variety, then I get the Chirashi Bowl, though. I’m an aficionado of good presentation, what can I say.
I’m sure they make lots of good dishes here- Thai Basil, all manner of curry noodles, and sushi. When ordering next time, I should just close my eyes and point to something. That’s living on the edge! I don’t know that I am emotionally ready for such an adventure. I won’t be disappointed, I’m sure, but every time I open the menu, those perfect slices of tuna arranged in the cute bowl on the bed of rice with seaweed salad call my name.
Ok! It’s mostly the bowl! I love a cute receptacle!
Part of my own collection:
You won’t believe this, but it’s cuter than a bento box! There. I said it.
Go there. Don’t get the same thing twice. LIVE!
I hear the Ahi Tuna Salad is almost as good. . .
 but alas! Not a very cute bowl!

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