Seoul Garden

Located over on Atlantic and Millbrook the little taste of Korea has a thorough menu and some very satisfying lunch choices.  It’s hard not to grab a bento-box but Gamal went for a big steaming bowl of bebimbop, and I think Dan got the bento-box with galbi instead of my bulgogi (pictured). As our discussion progressed over the despicable practice of “fat-shaming” pets (Gamal’s cat might have a weight problem) we snacked on delicious pickled veggies. Kim Chee we are told by Tom Robbins is all Kim-Chee “lite” in this country.  We did not meet nor challenge any tae kwon do instructors at this particular lunch, but we have high hopes.  The bulgogi was exceptionally good, and I think you get a bit more than you do at Kai. But Kai supplements with more California roll. At Seoul Garden you also get miso soup and salad, the salad is dished right along with the bento box as you see here. They’re separate bowls at Kai. I somehow feel like I’m getting more various treats at Kai, but in the end SG gives more bulgogi and isnt’ that what we want to begin with?

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